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Better Off Silent is a Hip-Hop Music & Culture Community, creating and promoting high-quality, unidentified content & artists. In a world where many talented people are being missed out or slept on, we are a home for the yet-to-be recognized artists & creators who should be seen and heard a lot more.

Our goal is to bring together the outcasts of the Hip-Hop community across the globe, and grow together - as the community we are. Through different forms of collaborations, a hard working A&R team, and a very open-minded approach, Better Off Silent is here to grow with the artists, creators, and listeners.

We address our work and musical attitude towards sub-genres and sounds that haven’t broken into the “mainstream” Hip-Hop and mainstream music in general, sounds and atmospheres that feature a unique and genuine love & depth of the Hip-Hop culture. We want to give the artists the opportunity to focus on their music and creations, pushing them to the maximum and towards achieving their full potential.

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