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Five Music Video Directors You Should Know

We feel like the people behind the cameras are still not getting enough attention, especially the young upcoming ones. Therefore, we have decided to put together an article dedicated to 5 of the biggest talents in music video production.

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Neaux ID - Bloomin Identities

Neaux ID is one of the most unique characters in the Hip-Hop landscape nowadays, so just moments before he releases his new EP - “Bloomin Blck”, we have decided to introduce you to this exceptional human-being.  


Above The Clouds - Nappi Devi

Detroit's busy hip-hop scene introduced some of the most legendary names in rap history to the world, a productive factory that generates a hall of Famers like Eminem, J Dilla, and Royce, The 5.9 every few years. Nappi Devi might be the next one to join that list.


Straight Outta Oklahoma

Magical chemistry, pure childhood friendship, strong nostalgic scent, unique musical thinking, and unbelievable teen spirit, are just some of the elements that compose the special formula called O2worldwide. We invite you to read more about one of the most exciting acts in Hip Hop music nowadays. and they're just getting started!


Ignorantly Delivering Knowledge

IDK is one of the most exciting artists in Hip-Hop that emerged in recent years. Not only because of his music, but because of the original ways he puts himself out there, the way he spreads his message & actions he takes to support the community.


Redveil - The Youngest Star Out There

In the modern world, where location is losing its importance, age doesn't have a special meaning. The boundaries are already broken. Redveil the perfect example of how to break boundaries and rise above all expectations. 

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Hip Hop - The New Rock & Roll 

Whether you’re a fan of Kanye West or not, you have to agree that his statement 
“Hip Hop is the new Rock ‘n’ Roll” is extremely right. So what does that say about

Rock ‘n’ Roll and its effect on the world? And How does Hip-Hop come along?

Top 5 February Fashion Drops So Far

Twice a month, the Better Off Silent Staff puts together a list of our favorite most recent fashion drops for you to stay on top of the hottest releases in streetwear. Here are the top fashion picks for February so far.


Sainté - A New Leicester Cinderella Story

Sainte's debut project, "Local MVP" presents him as a refreshing and unique young artist full of potential to be the next hot name that emerged from Great Britain.


Top 5 February Fashion Drops - Pt. 2

Twice a month, the Better Off Silent Staff puts together a list of our favorite most recent fashion drops for you to stay on top of the hottest releases in streetwear. Here is the second part of our top fashion picks for February.


J. Robb - Process Through a Listener’s POV

J. Robb is one of those artists who you can’t really understand what is going through their head. His creative sampling abilities, unique synths and drum sounds added to his personal mix atmosphere, allow him to create a signature sound that defines him.


Villain Park - L.A’s Most Authentic Upcoming Trio

The West Los Angeles Rap Group is one of the most interesting things to come out of L.A in recent years. Defined by their old school vibe - Villain Park is set to bring back to life the city of angels’ authentic classic sounds.

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Hip Hop Is Returning to it's Roots

Hip-Hop has always been loyal to it's history, and while new genres are always emerging, classis Hip-Hop influences over younger rappers are seen a lot more often. Here's how Hip-Hop's golden age has become relevant again to the genre's future.

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Artists Review - Beam

Kingston Born rapper Tyshane Thompson, better known as Beam, is one of the most unique artists  who have emerged to the surface recently. Here is AriLev's listening experience and opinion of Beam.

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You Need To Know Clairmont The Second

Clairmont The Second is probably one of the most talented, yet unrightfully 

unrecognized artists nowadays. Here are the reasons why you really should get to know him and spread his name to the world.

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