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Neaux ID - Bloomin Identities

Da Blck House member Neaux ID is one of the most unique characters in the Hip-Hop landscape nowadays, although you might not catch that on a first look or listen. The Dallas-based rapper is a loyal family guy, humble person, and distinct profound and spiritual musician. Before he releases his new EP - “Bloomin Blck”, we have decided to introduce you to this exceptional human-being.  

By Dean Ace


Neaux ID - 1 (2).jpg

Neaux ID

Photographed by @nxphew

Examining and analyzing Neaux ID’s profile accurately as an artist might be challenging, mainly because his influences are comprehensive and are not necessarily coming directly from music. So, in order to get a deep understanding of Neaux ID's music, we should divide it into three layers that help acquire a more coherent image of him. First, it's essential to understand that before he sees himself as an artist, he defines himself as a family guy and businessman. This self-perception could be implicit about his approach to life and how the other roles, navigating and impacting his music, and his conduct as an artist.

The first layer will be his family and personal life. Neaux ID is a married man & the father of two kids. As he mentioned in an interview with Charlotte Pailin for Indiestry, it may not directly influence his music and writing. However, it's shaping his identity; he knows he’s got a great responsibility as a role model & as an artist and for his kids. His status as a family man led him to grow personally and made him more mature as a human being - adapting a healthier and a spiritually charged attitude for his life. In addition to that, even if he doesn't admit it, through his projects you could notice a positive process that takes place primarily in his writing and lyrics. More mature, self-reflective in his content, dealing with life issues in an admirable way.   

The second layer refers to his functioning as a businessman, which shows a completely different side that exposes how unique Neaux ID is compared to others. Although he’s sitting on enough material for releasing full-length projects, he prefers to be patient, build for himself a small & loyal fanbase, and build his career from grass roots. Some may see this as a way of not taking risks, but this pattern is more suitable to be interpreted by his business mind and the maturity he presents almost in every section he is acting. Hip-Hop is indeed an industry that lives from hype to hype; nonetheless, it's the same hype that throws out artists from the game faster than they get inside, and not acting according to the spotlight could lead him to maintain control over his career and craft.   

The third layer that contains the fantastic structure called Neaux ID is the music layer because after all, if there is something that is a consensus is the fact that without a shadow of a doubt, Neaux ID is simply an  exceptional artist. His style is so versatile, no matter which angle his abilities are casted from. His vocal pitch is relatively high, making him stand out compared to other artists and catching the listeners' attention. His unbelievable flow helps him effortlessly levitate on beats, besides that laid-back yet powerful and full of confident delivery that captivates the audience with his charisma.

Neaux ID has mentioned Isaiah Rashad, Kendrick Lamar, Outkast, and Nas as his more significant influences, learning and soaking from them the lyrical skills which assist them in creating storytelling songs with profound substance. Through his projects, it is not hard to notice that Neaux ID stresses the lyrics in his craft; as it befits a person who starts rapping from poetry, the words have prime importance. He uses the lyrics to deliver his message, often referring to childhood experiences, feelings, past, present & future goals.

Moreover, Neaux ID takes inspiration from these artists' skits and the creativity they are showing through their careers in a mission to add more layers for his music that don't necessarily depend on the music itself. He uses this method to create the particular atmosphere he desires to achieve on the track, while most of the time, we get from him a dark and hazy vibe that empowers and fits the listening experience.

All of the qualities mentioned above make Neaux ID so unique as  an artist & as a human being, one who provides such excellent, intellectual, emotionally charged, and authentic music. Because as Neaux ID understood a long time ago, same as life, music is a complex product that does not depend only on one variable; it's all about the whole package, the one that consists of a couple of layers and together unifies into a greater one.   

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