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Vigz Caldwell


Vigz (Avigdor Caldwell) is a Hebrew Israelite rap artist. He grew up in Mitzpe Ramon in a very artistic environment and was always around music. His father is a singer and a bass player, and his brother is a songwriter & composer. Vigz started writing his own songs at the age of 12. His extraordinary vocal range and abilities, in addition to his great writing skills allow him to create very soulful and diverse music. His music is inspired and influenced by Blues, Hip-Hop, Soul, Reggae, Jazz, and Rock n’ Roll - making him a very diverse artist and giving him a very unique atmosphere. He has collaborated with various artists such as Balkan Beat Box, Lucille Crew, D-Fine-Us, Noga Erez, and many others. 


“Purple Mountains” is Vigz’ debut album. Written entirely by Vigz himself, and produced & recorded entirely by Avri G. “Purple Mountains” is an Infusion of Soul, Reggae & Rock n Roll influences. A journey to the deepest parts of the soul. Through anger, love, depression, passion, joy, and pain, Vigz manages to express his feelings & thoughts in the most relatable way.


The wide range & diversity that Vigz brings into “Purple Mountains” is shown clearly on songs such as “Television” which is very Rock n’ Roll influenced, while other songs such as “If” & “Up In Da Place” are very raggamuffin oriented songs. More examples are “Your Heart” which is very Hip-Hop & Blues oriented, compared to “youbetterrun” which is very soulful.

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