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Ombachi is one of the most talented artists we ran into in a very long time. And as you all know, we listen to A LOT of very talented artists. 1 of 15 songwriters, producers, rappers, photographers, and other multifaceted creators taking part in the @o2worldwide crew. He has produced and rapped on all three projects the Oklahoma collective has released, including their amazing most recent project “Back On Track”.


As mentioned above, Bradly Ombachi was born in Oklahoma, and is a very talented producer, singer, songwriter, and an audio engineer. He started making music at the age of 13, and among his very diverse influences you might find the likes of the @proerarecords artists and the @soulection artists & producers such as @montebooker & @kaelinellis.


Ombachi’s productions feature very unique sounds and feel, and many times feature mid-track beat switches which are adding a long of sophistication & interest into his work. His lyrics are very mature to his age (18!!!), and he uses sophisticated, yet approachable language which shows a lot of the intelligence that he has. He writes about various matters and often refers to artists he likes listening to, in addition to touches of comedy & satire which are very fun and refreshing. 


Yesterday, Bradley Ombachi announced that his debut solo project titled “ESCAPISM” is set to release on April 15th, and will feature 8 tracks. Make sure to stay tuned! For now, go ahead and listen to his tracks “WEEKEND”, “BREEZE”, and “LAW OF ATTRACTION”, in addition to the 3 projects he made with O2worldwide. 


Photo Credits: @everythingeverythingkaitlyn

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