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Brittney Carter

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Chicago rapper Brittney Carter's 2020 debut album - "As I Am", is one of those projects that makes you want to sit back & relax with an optimistic smile on your face - while thinking of the beautiful side of life, & how lucky we are to have a chance to enjoy moments & feelings like the ones you get from "As I Am".


The perfectly produced album features beautiful melodies and harmonies, combined with very sharp lyricisism and creates a very unique & high quality sound and listening experience. While many projects demand listening more than once just to feel and understand, Brittney Carter shares her feelings and thoughts in a very direct way through clear pronunciation and presentation that make the listeners fall in love with her instantly, and play the music over & over again. Only time will tell what the future holds for Brittney Carter's career, but we're sure that it will go in a very positive way, and can't wait to listen to more music from the special talent she is.


Notable tracks on "As I Am": "I Ain't God", "All I Want" & "Happened So Fast".

Photo by: @lauren.wash

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