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Straight Outta Oklahoma

Magical chemistry, pure childhood friendship, strong nostalgic scent, unique musical thinking, and unbelievable teen spirit, are just some of the elements that compose the special formula called O2worldwide. We invite you to read more about one of the most exciting acts in Hip Hop music nowadays. and they're just getting started!

By Dean Ace




Photographed by cult classic // colin (IG: @cultclassic.mp4)

Young prospects became kind of a daily thing in the Hip-Hop community. Veteran Hip-Hop fans already got used to the fact that every once in a while, some young artist storms into their life, spends a bit in their playlist, and not long after, they forget about them. The primary reason for this is probably because most of these prospects are riding on a fleeting trend; in the exact moment the trend passes, their 15 minutes of fame are over. Yet, there are some rare cases of young prospects who are actually here to stay. What allows them to stay past the hype wave is the fact that they don't follow any trends; they set up a unique path that defines them and follow it through. In the case of O2worldwide, they manage to do just that.

Oklahoma-based Hip-Hop collective O2worldwide includes 15 members - songwriters, producers, rappers, photographers, and other multifaceted creators, such as, Bradley Ombachi (rapper, co-founder, and the group’s main producer), Ethan Wilson (aka The DarkskinRapper, rapper and co-founder), Keshun Maddox (rapper), Lena Assef (vocalist and songwriter), James Joyce (rapper), Carlos Jackson (aka Los, rapper), and Zack Frye (the group’s manager) & others.

The young group seems like the next big thing in the Hip-Hop scene, and has already gotten placements in critically acclaimed Spotify playlists and features on outlets like 'Lyrical Lemonade'. despite their young age & early stage, the way this group is observing, thinking, and creating music shows that they are much ahead of their age - producing wise music that showcases the talent and maturity they have in their hands. 

Due to their geographical location, in a city that never brought to scene huge names or identified with a specific sound, the group generated original sound that takes influence from several places but does not exclusively depend on one of them.  

One of the things that make the O2worldwide sound so unique is how hybrid and dynamic it is; this dynamic expresses not only in the genre-blending in their craft; after all, this genre-blending is one of the most common techniques in Hip-Hop nowadays. However, The thing that is so special about their music stems from their ability to sound like a typical 90's Hip-Hop group. Yet, the way they spice that old-school sound with modern influences gives their art a fresh aroma and makes it sound like a thing you've never heard before.

So far, O2worldwide released three projects and are showing consistent improvement; their latest album, "Back On Track," was within the realm of a true statement. It was carried by dusty soulful productions provided by the group producer and rapper, Ombachi, proving that making high-quality beats is not a matter of age. Moreover, the group's undeniable energy is maintained by their incredible chemistry and the variety of voice tones and flow styles the group brings into their craft. Making it one of the most underrated projects of the year, and indeed staying true to its uplifting vibes.

In addition to the upgoing hype the collective quickly gained through the last year, the members keep things simple and develop themselves personally. Some of them released solo projects, like Ombachi's Escapism, fully supported by his collective peers.

Ombachi's solo album could be implicit about the collective essence so accurately, as a sort of group of childhood friends, that share the love for music, conceptually inseminate, growing, and helping each other to rise. And when this deep connection is based on pure love, natural enjoyment from life, and authenticity, it automatically leads to huge things happening. So please don't be surprised if not a long time from now; these young guys from Oklahoma will spread the O2' gospel worldwide.

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